Fisheries Management Area 7 (FMA 7) recently conducted its 2nd Quarter Management Board Meeting to evaluate and enhance the FMA 7 Management Plan, Internal Rules, and Harvest Control Rules (HCR) for FMA 7, as well as to discuss the latest updates and achievements within FMA 7. This important gathering brought together renowned experts, non-governmental organizations, and stakeholders with the aim of collaboratively advancing sustainable fisheries management practices in FMA 7.

The meeting served as a platform for participants to engage in-depth and meaningful discussions. The primary objective was to analyze the existing Harvest Control Rules, ensuring that they incorporate valuable insights and effectively address concerns raised by the stakeholders. Through these discussions, the participants aimed to refine strategies and establish a framework that promotes sustainable fishing practices within FMA 7.

FMA 7 continues to be a highly promising management area in the Philippines, where significant stakeholders from the fisheries industry collaboratively manage it. These stakeholders represent the 85 coastal municipalities situated in Regions 4A, 5, and 8.