In response to the imminent threat of tropical depression Egay and to assist families who were affected by the recent eruption of Mayon Volcano, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources BFAR Bikol conducted an initiative of distributing fishery products to the affected communities and in preparation for tropical depression Egay.

A total of 2000 canned sardines and 240 packs of assorted fishery products, including smoked fish (galunggong and tilapia) and tilangit, were generously provided by BFAR Bikol to 825 affected families residing in various evacuation centers and communities.

The beneficiaries of this initiative were as follows:

1. San Jose Elementary School – 693 affected families from Barangay Canaway, Calbayog, and San Roque, Malilipot, Albay.

2. Pawa Evacuation Center – 20 families affected from Barangay Mariroc Sitio Nagsipit.

3. Buhian Evacuation Center – 19 affected families from Barangay Buhian.

4. Mayon Elementary School – 93 affected families from Barangay Buang.

The distribution of these fishery products, produced by BFAR Bikol, was led by the Regional Director, Ariel U. Pioquinto, along with the OIC-FMRED, Junalin B. Barcellano, and the dedicated personnel from the ERMCSOC and Albay Provincial Agriculture Office, headed by Daryl Buenconsejo.

Mayor Krisel Lagman conveyed her heartfelt thanks to BFAR 5 for spearheading this crucial activity and providing much-needed support to the affected families. She expressed amazement and appreciation for the inclusion of tilangit or smoked fish in the distribution, stating that it was the first time such a delicacy had been offered to the evacuees.

The BFAR Bikol remains committed to serving and supporting communities during times of crisis. This initiative reflects the agency’s dedication to providing immediate relief and addressing the basic needs of affected families, especially in the face of natural disasters like the Mayon Volcano eruption and potential threats like Tropical Depression Egay.