Distribution of Fishing Gears and Paraphernalia

As mentioned in the Fisheries Code Section 24, part of the Bureau’s mandate  is to provide support to municipal fisherfolk through appropriate technology  and research, credit, production and marketing assistance such as provisions  of fishing boats utilizing reinforced fiberglass materials as alternatives to wood.  Moreover, the Bureau also conducts training for fisherfolk in the design,  construction and operation of fishing gears.

For FY2023, the Bureau aims to distribute 11,514 units of fishing  gear/paraphernalia to 10,3797 individuals and 1,541 group beneficiaries  nationwide. This is composed of 229 payaos, 4,686 hook and  lines, 270 trap gears, 3,710 net gears, 216 marine engines and 1,461 other  fishing gears that subsequently will help the beneficiaries increase their  income and production as well.