Fisheries Management Areas

The recently approved Fisheries Administrative Order No. 263, series of 2019  provides the policy framework on the Establishment of Fisheries Management  Areas (FMA) for the Conservation and Management of Fisheries in Philippine  Waters.

The FMAs were established based on considerations of stock  boundaries/ranges/distributions, structure of fisheries as well as administrative  divisions, through consultation with stakeholders.

A priority area intended under this FAO is the Establishment of Management  Body (MB) in the twelve FMAs. The MB shall formulate internal operational  rules and regulations for the FMAs as well as responsible in setting of policies  and programs for the FMAs, including the development of the EAFM Plan for  the FMA or (FMA Plan), the establishment of Reference Points and Harvest  Control Rules as well as other conservation and management measures.

The FMAs follow a science-based measure anchored on the Ecosystem Approach  to Fisheries Management (EAFM) as provided under the amended Fisheries  Code and are to be undertaken. The Bureau is tasked to facilitate the preparation of  EAFM Plans for identified fisheries management areas (FMA) together with  the LGUs and other stakeholders. LGUs adopt the EAFM Plan and translate  management actions into local ordinances and policies in their respective  municipal waters. BFAR adheres to the EAFM plan to implement national  programs under the FMA. In FY 2023, eleven (11) Management Boards are predicted to be  established and operationalized, while four (4) reference  points/harvest control rules/harvest control measures will be established.