Post Harvest & Marketing Program


January – December 31, 2021

P 3,026,950.00

January – December 31, 2022


Focus on interventions that will help reduce post-harvest losses, protect the  health of the consumers, increase fisheries exports, establish appropriate  product standards, implement quality inspection procedures for fishery  products, and provision of transport for better market access are needed. With  the implementation of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), fish  processing establishments and other fish post-harvest facilities are now  compelled to comply with the sanitary and phytosanitary standards to ensure  the continuous acceptability of exported fish products in the international  markets. Moreover, the Program through the Philippine Fisheries  Development Authority (PFDA) shall provide and improve fisheries  infrastructure facilities in the regional and municipal fish ports, ice-plants and  cold storages. BFAR continuously supports small-scale fish processing plants,  and maintenance and rehabilitation of technology stations and facilities. Higher value of production can be obtained by reducing post-harvest losses  without compromising the quality of the fish. The Bureau aims to continue the distribution of post-harvest facilities and equipment such as fishmarts, fish  stalls, freezing equipment, smokehouses, elevated solar dryers, seaweed dryer,  freezers, vacuum packers and among others. For FY2023, a total 603 of  post-harvest facilities and equipment will be distributed to 273 individual  beneficiaries and 190 groups. Moreover, the Bureau continuously maintain  the operations of the five processing plants: one each at NFDC, Binloc,  Dagupan City; Santo Tomas, La Union; Hagonoy, Bulacan; and Mercedes,  Camarines Norte and in Bula, Camarines Sur.

Market Development Services

The intensification of our domestic and international markets will assure our  fisherfolk that their produce will be catered to regardless of its volume. The  Market Development Services aims to augment the value and competitiveness  of our products by giving our fisherfolk more market opportunities through  public and private partnership. In return, the Bureau intends to create  awareness on fishery products to gain more access to both domestic and  international markets.

As a response, 4,876 market monitoring, 10 investment/industry fora and 160 agri-aqua fairs/exhibits will be conducted and participated, and 86 business/credit matching and 6 investments will be facilitated in FY2023.

Further, the Bureau will continuously participate as well as organize KADIWA  activities (KADIWA ni Ani at Kita, KADIWA on Wheels, KADIWA Mobile  Palengke) nationwide together with regional counterparts, LGUs, suppliers  (i.e. associations, individuals, MSMEs) that main goal is to provide available,  accessible and affordable fish and fisheries products to household  beneficiaries.